Moonlighting and its Psychological Impact among Private Employees

  • Aparna Pathak MIT World Peace University
  • Abhijeet Chore MIT World Peace University
Keywords: Moonlighting, Young employee, Private employee, Burnout, COVID-19


The basic needs of an individual are satisfied once the individual has a stable source of income. But these needs are never ending as the human tendency appears insatiable. Maslow (1943, 1954) postulated that in the quest for the fulfillment of needs. Many individuals today want to satisfy their acquired wants and a solitary stable source of income does not permit this. So they venture into various side hustles to increase the influx of income. This can be in the form of investments, getting involved in racing/betting or other ill methods,  starting a small business or opting for an additional part time job or going for a second employment – better known as, moonlighting. The trends in the organizational setups show that the practice has consistently been on the rise since the formal conceptualization of the idea (Arthur, 1994b). Rising inflation, unemployment and threatened job security in the modern day times have forced individuals living in modernized cities to rethink the concept of a singular source of stable income. Dissatisfaction with the job itself or the rewards received thereof has further increased the number of professionals venturing into ‘the moonlight’ (Rasdi, 2021) . Not only does working another job cause physical exhaustion but could also lead to a host of Psychological burnout symptoms if continued for a prolonged amount of time. This research aims at evaluating the psychological and organizational contributing factors and consequences of Moonlighting among Private employees in the city of Pune.

Author Biographies

Aparna Pathak, MIT World Peace University

Dr Pathak has been associated with MIT since April 2008. Prior to that, she practiced law for 9  years. She has handled various additional responsibilities in MIT World Peace University like Head -  Academic Program Office, Faculty Examination Controller and so on apart from teaching courses like Human Resource Management, Business Laws, Corporate Laws, Labour Laws, Organizational Behaviour, Organizational Development, Marketing Management to name a few.


She has published about 18 research papers in national and international journals. She has also attended more than 20 national and international seminars & has been awarded ‘Ideal Teacher Award’ in September 2017.  She takes interest in conducting classes, bringing variations in teaching methodology and is a firm believer that each day is a new day and teaches us a lot. We have to prepare ourselves well to face the future and also guide our students to, not only face the future, but to stand out in the crowd and make a difference in the world. She loves interacting with the students, colleagues and friends.


Abhijeet Chore, MIT World Peace University

Mr Abhijeet Chore is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Psychology, School of Liberal Arts at Dr Vishwanath Karad MIT World Peace University, Pune.  Mr Chore has completed his Masters in Clinical Psychology and having cleared the UGC NET, he is currently pursuing his PhD in the field of Endurance Sports Psychology from the Department of Psychology, Savitribai Phule Pune University. Mr Chore is also certified in REBT Level 2 & has completed his certification course on Skills of Counselling from Christian Counselling Centre in Vellore. His interests majorly lie in interdisciplinary research with an inclination towards Sports and Environmental Psychology. He has also virtually presented his work at an International Conference ‘Applied Psychology and Business Management’ held in Turkey. Some of his works have been published in International Journals. In his three year tenure, Mr Chore has taken up various academic and administrative responsibilities and has taught various subjects including but not limited to Sports Psychology, Environmental Psychology Learning and Memory, Clinical Psychology, and Schools of Psychology to both Masters and Bachelors students.



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