The International Journal Pedagogical Advances in Technology-Mediated Education  is a peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary scholarly journal, established as a platform to support and promote international academic communication in the fields of technology and education.

Being established in 2018 as an environment to support the memebers of IATELS and the academicians participating in IATELS International Conferences on Education and Technology (PATME http://patme.iatels.com), Language Studies, Translation and Education (LASTE http://laste.iatels.com), Applied Psychology and Business Management (http://apbm.iatels.com) the journal has opened its doors to the submissions from all those who are interested in the relevant issues, and eager to shere their studies on the related problems.

Firstly established and known as PATME, the journal gained the name of International Journal of Pedagogical Advances in Technology-Mediated Education (IJPATME), presenting a truly international environment academic of researchers and practitioners.

With the support of the individual academicians and institutions from different countries we believe our presently new journal will reach the reputation of highly respectful edition with the policy of the transparent reviewing, support for young academicians, inclusion and no-descrimination in terms of the authors'  cultural and educational backgrounds as far as the manuscripts comply with the internationally accepted requirements to the research and the paper submission.

With the aim to discuss the technological affect on education, at the same time, observing the extended penetration of ICT in all scpheres of our lives, the joirnal is open to consider the manuscripts which concern the following topics: 

1. Education and Technologies;

2. Emerging technologies in different areas of national and international education;

3. Online environments and strategies of teaching and learning online;

4. Language teaching enhanced with ICT ;

5. Educational theories and practices;

6. Language studies, translation and ICT;

7. Psychological and educational issues on using ICT for teaching students of different age groups;

8. Technologies and Social Studies;

9. Technologies in business management and administration;

10. Entrepreneurship in the digitalised global environment, etc.

Above is a short list of the issues which can become the subject of the international academic discussion at the pages of IJPATME.

The journal editorial board sees its mission in providing support and guidence for the academicians and all those who are interested in conducting research at any stage of their professional careers.

To contact the editorial board with more questions and concerns please feel free to mail to patme.iatels@gmail.com