The Pedagogical Advances in Technology-Mediated Education  is a peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary scholarly journal that publishes the latest in research reports and critical analyses on educational  for both theorists and practitioners. The Journal addresses four primary areas of research interests: 

1. The outcome effects of educational  applications, featuring findings from a variety of disciplinary perspectives which include the social, behavioral, physical, and computational sciences;

2. The design and development of Educational Technology;

3. The interpretation and implications of research in educational computing fields;

4. The theoretical and historical foundations of computer-based education

The terms "education" and "computing" are viewed broadly. “Education” refers to the use of computer-based technologies at all levels of the formal education system, business and industry, home-schooling, lifelong learning, and unintentional learning environments. “Computing” refers to all forms of computer applications and innovations - both hardware and software. For example, this could range from mobile and ubiquitous computing to immersive 3D simulations and games to computing-enhanced virtual learning environments. Each issue features articles useful for practitioners and theorists alike.