Bridging the Communication Gap: An Analytical Study of the Selected Themes of The White Tiger by Aravind Adiga

  • Preeti Joshi
  • Chaitanya Gite Dr. Vishwanath Karad MIT World Peace University
Keywords: Balram, psychological, communication, Adiga, entrepreneurship


The White Tiger by Aravind Adiga voices the story of an underprivileged Indian man who desires to put an end to his dark and poor life. The entire novel is revealed through letters in which he addresses some Chinese premier who wants to visit and discover India. He wants to be different than his family and peer group. Balram, the protagonist of the novel, wants to reach the bliss of the riches. The story fascinates many readers across the world. The communication gap between the master and the servant serves as the core conflict of the novel. A constant struggle between the fortunate and the less fortunate reaches its peak towards the end of the Booker Prize-winning literary work. The novel showcases a modern-day outlook towards a capitalist Indian society with free market. Psychological implications of the miscommunication trigger the actions in the masterpiece of Adiga. The themes that reflect the need for communication between the characters is an important criterion to discover. The paper has dealt with the exploration of selected themes like miscommunication, psychological barricades, economic struggles, social inequalities, corruption, entrepreneurship, education and blurring lines of morality to name a few. Selected models of communication have been applied in accordance with the communication discussed in the novel. It is an honest attempt to focus on the possible solutions to the problems and issues presented in the novel.

Keywords- Balram, psychological, communication, Adiga, entrepreneurship



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