Efficiency of Information Technologies in Education and Science Based on Foresight Technologies

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Rinat Zhanbayev Saule Sagintayeva Abildina Ainur


This study opens up a number of opportunities for new approaches to foresight that will be more adapted to entrepreneurs and production, especially in the initial stages of project development, as well as certain opportunities for the commercialisation of research results. The global systems currently do not meet all the conditions necessary for scientific creativity, and the introduction of new advanced technologies is therefore required.

The results of these studies allow us to create an automated information system that can be used:

  • collection and accumulation of data on their scientific and technical projects, dissertations and publications in the context of the organisation's employees; 

  • analysis of publication activity with various levels of detail;

  • forming customizable user reports in accordance with the forms required for the results of intellectual activity of scientific and educational organizations of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Implementation of the proposed technology allow to significantly increase the speed and multitasking of the procedure of analytical processing of data on the publishing activity of employees of the scientific and educational organization, as well as to analyze the publishing activity in geographical, qualification and time sections in accordance with the requirements set by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan for modern science information systems.

With relatively small investments, the introduction of Foresight technologies provides significant annual savings in information processing and ensures systematic constructive interaction between representatives of science  and the expert community.

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Zhanbayev, R., Sagintayeva, S., & Ainur, A. (2021). Efficiency of Information Technologies in Education and Science Based on Foresight Technologies. International Journal of Pedagogical Advances in Technology-Mediated Education, 2(1), 54 - 65. Retrieved from http://patme-journal.iatels.com/index.php/patme/article/view/24


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