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Vol 3 No 7 (2023): International Interventions in Education, Psychology and Social Studies

International Interventions in Education, Psychology and Social Studies

This issue represents the studies on education and psychology including research interventions in social studies and online language training.

The studies discuss current trends in methodology of education, new approaches to educational frameworks and learning, urgent issues in psychology of social and personal relations, their influence on wider communities and professional outcomes.

The studies include technological sides of the research problems embracing technologies of online learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

The authors of the papers come from India, Mexico, Kazakhstan and Turkey and work in the fields of Education, Educational Psychology, ICT in Education, Education Management, Language Education and other related areas.

The issue contributes to the development of the educational methodology and technology concerning specifics of the national education systems, social development  as well as global processes in education, psychology and social relations.

Published: 2023-12-20
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