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Vol 2 No 5 (2022): Business Management, Education and Society from International Perspectives
IJPATME, Vol.2, No.5, 2022

Papers Accepted for Publishing in Vol.2, No.5, 2022 "Business Management, Education and Society from International Perspectives"

"Business Management, Education and Society from International Perspectives" is Vol.2, No.5 of IJPATME which is devoted to the discussion of the current issues in business, education and society in a view of the global economical and political processes.

The issue comprises selected full papers presented and discussed at APBM 2022, III International Conference on Applied Psychology and Business Management which took place in Antalya (Turkey), on 27-30 of October, 2023.

The papers target the crucial problems of the economical development in different countries, their influence on the society and its welbeing.

The studies also represent current practices and case studies which evolved in response to the challenges of the modern world and globalisation.

The papers of this issue appear in a sequnce of their submission, reviewing and acceptance for the publication.



Published: 2022-12-19


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