Learning and Teaching in Open Online Environment


Dear Colleagues,

We would like to invite you to submit your papers on learning and teaching in open online environment.
2020 was the year to boost the usage of e-learning and to invent new approaches and scenarios to teach online at different educational levels and institutions.

Those experiences are extremely valuable for further development of the theory and practice of online pedagogy to streamline the best practices and to find new educational solutions.
With this view in mind we would like to invite papers on the case studies about institutional strategies, national and international educational policies, online teaching and learning strategies on different subjects in schools and universities.

The papers on specific cases and solutions about the roles and functions ICT in education are welcome!
The deadline for the paper submissions is 15 of September!

Please feel free to contact the editorial board in case of questions and concerns at

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Current Issue

Vol 2 No 3 (2022): Reimagining International Community for Post-Pandemic Times

COVID-19 crisis affected all spheres of human's life all over the world. Adjusting to new circumstances, caused by numerous limitations and restrictions, intrenational community has been looking for the ways to keep on with the personal lives, relations, work, businesses and communication.

This issue includes selected papers which were presented at APBM 2021, II International Conference on Applied Psychology and Business Management which was held in Istanbul / Assos (Turkey), on 29-30 of October, 2021.

The papers selected for this issue reflect on problems of social and personal relations, education and societal issues, online tools as a way to create appropriate online learning environments for people with different learning needs .  

The papers are presented by the authors from UK, India, Mexico and Indonesia, representing a multicultural dimention of the research in the field of the social studies.

Family Relationships and The New Normal (Anuradha Parasar, Prof. Dr., Abhijeet Chore, Madhura Londhe, Anjali Anjali Majumdar, India), pp. 3-10

Violence: The Experience of Youth from Fresnillo, Mexico (Javier Zavala Rayas, Georgina Lozano Razo, Mexico), pp. 11-25

Bridging the Communication Gap: An Analytical Study of the Selected Themes of The White Tiger by Aravind Adiga (Preeti Joshi, Chaitanya Gite, India), pp. 26 - 32

Strength of Mind: An Analysis of the Selected Decisions of the Protagonist of Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë (Chaitanya Gite, Geetanjali Vetal, Khushi Srivastava, India), pp. 33 - 38

Creating a Living Electronic Archive With and About People With Learning Disabilities: Methodological Considerations (Peter Williams, UK), pp. 39 - 48

Wishlisting Habits, Indecisiveness and Future Planning Among Online Shoppers (Ishita Mazumdar, India), pp. 49 - 55

Aspects of Disaster Risk Reduction in Disaster-Resilient Village (DRV) (Andi Pujirana, Musdalifa Hanis, Indonesia), pp. 56 - 63

Perceived Academic Quality, Grit, Self-Efficacy and Academic Performance Among Young Adults Engaged in Online Education (Anuradha Parasar, Abhijeet Chore, Madhura Dilip Londhe, India), pp. 64 - 70


Published: 2022-05-15
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